16 October 2011

"When Mourning Goes Viral"


Without a doubt, the dumbest editorial I've read in a while. It's no secret that the news media loves stories that are easy to digest and they love making grandiose statements that mean nothing, but this kind of takes the cake.

I have no idea how Twitter and other social media has changed the way we mourn, but apparently it changes it because that's what we do. It's essentially an article about nothing, a profoundly meaningless article like this one I'm writing now describing for you the pointlessly self-serving article that somehow ties itself into Steve Jobs' death like so many other articles.

Of course, I'm having more fun with mine, which is both significantly shorter while being 10% less pretentious.


  1. Good stuff, this is what blogging is all about! (complaining and sharing your thoughts with the world)

  2. I know that some of the posts on Twitter and FB and other social media sites made when someone dies are perhaps actual mourning. I think just as much it is a lemming mentality. We feel compelled to post because it is socially acceptable. I also think that people love to gossip and that is a lot of what that falls into as well. Call me cynical but I don't think mourning is done in 140 characters.