08 October 2011

Dragon Eruption: The Cult of Dragda

I think that this is going to be Dragda, the Great Wyrm's picture. At least, in my head. See, in my Meros pseudo-campaign setting, Dragda is the center of an extended cult of sorcerers and seers, who both commune with him in an effort to learn the ageless secrets that he contains in his dreams, and feeds upon his great magical powers in an effort to learn the eldritch ways.

The cult of Dragda is one of my favorite Orders, and I'll tell you exactly why: It's a mystery cult. It's a fascinating blend of "What if religions had actual proof?" combined with the very real-to-life corruption of good intentions. What Dragda actually said, nobody knows, but he's clearly right there, so the cultists do their best to maintain what he said, and do good according to his intentions.

Also, he's a badass dragon. Not a regular dragon, like, some half-intelligent scaly thing, but he's a god-level draconic intelligence with very powerful magic. The dude changed the world before he fell into his millennia long-sleep, and that makes the campaign setting more interesting in a couple of ways, I think. One) He's a dynamic character, two) What the fuck happens when he wakes up?, and three) He's a dragon with a cult. C'mon.

The Cult of Dragda- making an appearance in a campaign setting near you!

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