13 July 2011


There's something strangely compelling about Shedu here, and I can't explain why. According to Wikipedia, they're protectors of the people and apparently common household spirits. I think it'd make me, personally, to feel a lot better about going out of town if I know that a sizeable winged bull-man was watching my place.

I think that they might make an appearance in SKELETON PUNCHER, and furthermore, that SKELETON PUNCHER might need a real name some day.


  1. Also, they're a great source of jokes of the variety "Shedu? Shedi? Shedwe?" Which we seemed to do a lot.

  2. Why is this posted from yesterday? I just wrote this...

  3. The only possible name better than SKELETON PUNCHER is ONI PUNCHER.

    And on the back, no blurb about the game, just a stern Samurai face and the words PUNCH THEM.