17 July 2011


 Good fucking god, if there's anything I hate more than trying to decipher ancient currency systems so that they make sense to my ruthlessly post-modern mindset where the idea of having a unit of coinage that's to be exchanged in the thousands for a chunk of silver that may or may not be actually the weight it's supposed to be, or made of pure silver instead of whatever else, in a non-standard shape, for no appreciable reason...

It's about enough to drive me up a wall. It might not be so damn complex if I was an ancient Chinese guy, but I'm not. I'm used to money that doesn't actually mean anything and is issued by a central bank and people take it just because.

And I guess that's the way I'm going to have to deal with money in ONI PUNCHER. Yeah, I know it's not actual silver, and I know that in real life it was more variable but it doesn't matter, does it? Shut your face up.


  1. Relax. Currency is a topic for hardcore nerdery.

    No one is going to think less of you for not wanting to really delve deep in that dungeon.

  2. That's kind of why I stopped trying to research so deep into all of it.

    I took a deep breath, said "Nobody cares," and then went to play some video games.

    It's a seriously deep topic, this ancient economics, and more suited (I think) for somebody with a PHD of some sort.