26 June 2010

Re-Writing Spellcasting

Taking a couple of crib notes from different great minds and some really cool ideas, my Alternate Wizard Spell List is done.

It takes a little bite out of straight Vancian magic, in that it uses a spell point system that still requires the magic user to prepare spells, but not in a straight "four 1st level spells and three 2nd level spells." In this system, each level of spell has a point value cost and the wizard can memorize any number of spells of any level, as long as the point cost doesn't exceed his total.

The Magic User can then spend his points on any of the spells he has prepared. So, for example, a level 4 MU has two 1st level spells and two 2nd level spells for a total of 16 points (3 points each for each 1st level spell, and 5 points each for the 2nd level spells.) He could prepare five 1st level spells, or three 2nd level spells, or something in between.

And when the Magicu User wishes to cast, they pick a spell they've memorized, lose some spell points, and cast. The spell stays in their memory until they "re-memorize" something instead of it. In essence, they could cast any spell as long as they have the magic for it, which I feel better fits a fantasy wizard's style.

In addition, I've re-written all of the spells; one of the things that bothers me. Clerics have interesting and useful spells, so why are Magic Users' spells so boring? I'll post the new and improved spell list tomorrow- look for it!


  1. So for instance the 4th level wizard above can prepare 5 different first level spells, and cast one of them 5 times, ignoring the other 4?

  2. Yup. If he likes.

    The idea is that the wizard won't prepare Magic Missile 4 times and then when he needs Read Magic or Knock, then he'll have to take an 8-hour rest and then prepare that once and then Magic Missile three times, he'll have Magic Missile and Knock and Charm Person and Floating Disk and if he only needs Magic Missile, then he can just cast that 5 times.