07 May 2010

Temple of the Plague Orcs: Almost Complete

My project of the last month is nearly complete. I've got the entire document written up, formatting's just about done, and everything's almost exactly where it needs to be. It's an exciting time!
All that's left to be done is to find/create some artwork, replace the boring placeholder picture on the front, get the map done, and then find someone to edit my verbosity a little. Also, make sure that my spelling isn't quite as bad as I think it gets sometimes.

A sample of the text:

The Barracks: The fortresses' barracks have been cleaned away, so to speak; the bunks have long since been broken down into firewood, and the cushions are laid on the ground, filthy and full of bugs. The only thing surviving, in the most part, is a torn and unsavory-looking canvas covering the mattresses and providing a little protection from the elements to the orcs. The mattresses themselves are likely to carry a smallish amount of money, likely 1-10 silver pieces. The plague orcs tend to sleep here, and half will be awake and gambling, arguing, or eating underneath the canvas lean-to. The other half will be sound asleep. If the alarm is sounded, 1d4 awake plague orcs will arrive to the location of the alarm in a couple of turns, if any plague orcs are left.
Each barracks location will contain 1d6 plague orcs, divided roughly between awake and asleep.

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  1. Playtesting begins today, with my little in-house testers (read: regular gaming group). Wish me luck!