27 May 2010

Epic Pooh

As in, the Moorcock essay of the same name. I've long since been critical of the Lord of the Rings and it's insane influence amongst the fantasy faithful. It's one of the reasons that every campaign setting and fantasy story from here to sundown has beautiful elves, taciturn dwarves, cruel orcs, and a small band of men valiantly fighting against overarching evil, winning through due only to the pureness of their heart and of their mission.

I've disliked it for a long time, preferring the more earthy, brilliant, and much more well-written works of both R.E. Howard, Terry Pratchett, and Micheal Moorcock, and I recommend those three writers to anybody who makes the mistake of mentioning books to me.

But today I discovered something; Micheal Moorcock has actually sat down and written a criticism of exactly the same things. What are the odds, one must wonder?

Epic Pooh

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