20 April 2015

Racial Restrictions?

Quick question:

I'm reading through the 13th Age PDF for the first time and on page 30, it says that "13 th Age is less restrictive than other d20 games, and your racial choice won’t limit your class selection."

What d20 games feature racial limitations on classes? I can't think of any. Oldschool D&D can't possibly count since it's not a d20 game, although I guess retro-clones could. What could they be referring to?


  1. Given that both designers of 13th age come from a background of working on previous editions of D&D, I think a lot of references to "d20 games" in the book can be interpreted to mean D&D, and not just games that explicitly use the d20 system - although even in that case, I don't think racial restrictions on classes survived beyond 2nd ed. AD&D.

    1. That's about what I figured. Racial restrictions, as far as I can remember off the top of my head, have always sort of been a D&D-only thing.

      Well, thanks either way!