07 July 2013

A Slight Push, And A Session Recap

I feel as though I am starting to get the hang of 4th edition D&D.

Maybe I'm a slow learner, or maybe it's just been a very long time since I've played with people who are, in fact, not myself, my family, or my close friend, but it feels like every time I play, more things click together. Who knows? Maybe by my tenth session I'll actually know what I'm doing?

Anyways, though, what I wanted to talk about was the session.

It started with the problem from last session (fuck, with nobody guarding our boat it seems to have taken a beating, better build a raft) getting a couple of rolls before the day starts to end for our adventurers. I sneakily delete the Navigator Oarsman* guy's token without saying anything. As the sun sets, I ask them "Have you ever seen that video where Baghdad is getting bombed? At the west end of the island, it kind of looks like that."

They Bard makes an arcana check (which he fails but whatever) and they decide that magic or no, this is pretty damned odd and maybe they should go check it out. They recall that a temple with a bigass statue of jade was in that direction, the originator of the Eyes which they were attempting to steal and abscond with. The Wrasslin' Warrior asks "Like the Aurora Borealis?" I say "Similar, but more violent."
Except a more sickening, greenish color.

They ran to the temple. I had them roll initiative, and the Bard gets there first. The statue has opened its mouth- inside is a wide-open, swirling, dark portal. The oarsman is hanging off the eyes of the huge statue, yelling about  "It has begun!" and cackling and seeming very out of sorts.

They are met on the scene by a Elf Druid, our new player, who immediately accuses the Bard of being involved in this, when the Bard declares something to the effect of not really being sure what "this" is. The Druid trusts him ("adventurer sense"*  sure saves a lot of time in situations like these), and tackles the Oarsman off, but the portal is still doing what it is doing. They decide to enter, where they find themselves standing on the top-side of a sort of solidified, shadowy, half-transparent cloud. And, naturally, there is a demon. I hadn't intended on them being red-winged traditional demons, but I can work with it. The first person through is Krivej, and he manages to answer the demon's query with an opaque answer of his own (Something like "Are you the one?" and the dragonborn simply nods until he gets across the thin bridge), but this tactic doesn't work when the guards of the demon castle demand the password. He becomes flustered and says "ITS GREY STONE OF COURSE!", which it is not, and the guardian demons emerge.

This, naturally, was my face the whole time. Yes, including the enormous corn-husk cigar

He takes a bit of a beating, but the rest of the party was also punging through the portal, so they run at full tilt and manage to meet Krivej on the bridge, where they fight three lesser demons and a greater demon, whom they name Maurice for some reason. Naturally I reference "The Joker," which none of them seem to like, but I can forgive. I'm a benevolent DM like that.

Anyways, they battle on the bridge, attempt to throw the demons off in hopes that their wings are ceremonial (they are not), but they still manage to win a fairly resounding victory, whereupon I tell them that I am honestly exhausted and need to get to bed. I wish them a nice night, they do the same, and that was our session.

It was fun, and I hope the next one is, as well. I've got some surprises in my sleevies! Heh, heh, heh.



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