21 February 2013

Aleshar: World of Ice

Not anything I'm working on; this game stopped being made in 1997.

When I get DOSBox working on the ol' laptop, I think I'll give it a download. I've never heard of it, but it seems well-made enough. I can forgive it for having tiny graphics if that's its only real flaw. Apparently you're required to use your in-game sextant to navigate, which seems charming, and I do enjoy keyword-based conversations. I think it's an elegant solution to the "I want you to shut up now please" since if you aren't interested in reading you can just click the words, but if you want to know more about the world about you, you can actually read it and ask about things that are only tangentially related.

Also apparently you've got to hunt for food and stuff. It kind of sounds like an old tabletop game, which shouldn't be too surprising. These sorts of games wore their inspirations on their sleeves, after all.

Wonder why I haven't heard of this before.

1 comment:

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