05 November 2012

The way I write posts when I don't have anything interesting to say (which is most of the time- it's not that I'm doing nothing, it's that I don't think the things I do are particularly interesting.) is to take a random picture from my enormous picture folder (it's a couple of gigs now, and growing daily) and then I write about that.

It's how most of my posts start, actually. It would be sad, except that it's actually a really good way to get things done. It's pretty much a fact that human beings are extremely visual creatures, receiving most of our information from our gelatinous eyeballs, or so I've been told. I haven't done any research myself, of course. What am I, a scientist? I scoff at the suggestion and yet offer no rebuttal.

It also ensures that the things I write about are easily pictured in the reader's mind, since there's the picture, and that's what I'm talking about. Except for this article, where I talk about the process that goes into me writing blog posts, see? This is all a bit meta, but that's what happens when I'm teaching myself Python and playing an awful lot of Warband and Hearts of Iron 3.

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