21 March 2012

Had a bizarre dream about two nights ago where I was a criminal mastermind setting a trap for the annoying sleuth who was coming to capture me. I set up cunning traps in the place I knew he would go, and then left the area and waited for my inevitable success.

Unfortunately, I was the detective, and as I was stepping around, investigating this basement workshop/storage room, I started to feel a little deja vu. If you've never personally experienced what it's like to realize that you have multiple personalities while hunting down yourself and avoiding the traps you've set, I highly recommend it.

But that's not all. I realized that everything I'd seen was a hallucination of my insane mind, caused by a lack of oxygen due to me locking myself in a metal shipping container. Everything I'd seen (multiple days of setting up traps, as I mostly remembered my time as the bad guy) was a complex hallucination created by my oxygen starved brain. I couldn't remember why I was dying, or why I would do this to myself, but I can remember it was vitally important.

Suddenly, I was outside myself. Not an out of body experience, but I was never the man inside the shipping container. Although I knew it was me in there, I was also outside of the box, and Outside Me could hear Boxed Me muttering and talking to myself. No matter how close I got, I couldn't make out any words, and I knew that there was no way for me to get inside. If I left to get something, Boxed Me would die, but if I stayed here, he would die and I'd never know what he said. I leaned closer to the air holes, started to ask Boxed Me what was going on, when I woke up.


  1. We are immortal beings having a mortal experience. One with the cosmos. Starstuff. Infinite spirits having a temporary rest in material form. Until it ends, and we're back "home" again.

    If leave, you "die". If you stay, you "die". But you have to know what he says... or, what having such a life is like.

    There's some good meditation stuff there.