19 May 2011

Goin' to Chicago

I'm hoping no levees break while I'm there...
In a couple of hours, I'm going to sit my ass down on a plane and fly to Chicago to see my girlfriend (finally) graduate from Navy boot camp. It should be a pretty good time, once I get past the 4 hour flight (with layovers, naturally). I haven't been there since my own stint in boot camp, and it should be cool to see the place from the other side.

You don't get a very good view of a boot camp graduation when you're in it, you know. And especially not when you're dog-tired from actually being in boot camp and you didn't get to sleep nearly enough because the day before you'd been up for nearly 48 hours due to Battle Stations and graduation practice and the fact that, again, you're still in boot camp.

But yeah, I'm totally excited. My brother woke me up in pursuit of cat foot at about 4, and I'm just not tired anymore. Four hours of sleep is enough for anybody, right? ;)

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