26 February 2011

D&D Is Dead

I'm linking this link thirdhand, because I can. Dr. Rotwang has a post entitled D&D Is Dead. And honestly, I couldn't agree more.

As a product, it's nothing.
As a hobby, it's still pretty huge.

This leads me to another point: it's really boring and really tiring to hear people complaining on OSR blogs. I love the energy, I love the enthusiasm, and I understand that sometimes we all get a little grumpy when people are being idiots about our favorite hobby, but the reason this blog exists (and probably the reason a lot of other blogs exist as well) is that we just can't contain the sometimes-manic outpouring of energy and enthusiasm we all have for our favorite products.

Just a quickie for today. My writing juices are dry these days.


  1. "it's really boring and really tiring to hear people complaining on OSR blogs"

    I can understand them doing it, and we don't need to read it of course, but I see your point. I'm with you on the rest for sure. Thanks for the link. There's an outside chance I'll post it fourthhand.

  2. Maybe it's a Brit thing, but I think that grumbling (often about things we love deep down) is almost a form of smalltalk.

    "S'all gone to the dogs! All is lost! Woe and lamentation sweep the land! And, of course, it's bludy raining..."
    "Yep, too right. Pub?

  3. @Porky: The only reason I mention it is because of a brilliant individual on a specific blog making an all-too-infrequent post me grumpy. I click on the link expecting something for the mind, and I get several screenfuls of almost screed-like complaint. Not what I bargained for.

    @Chris: It's the same way in the military, man. They say a "bitching soldier is a happy soldier," with stuff like "Jesus christ, did you see what Gilliard did today? Can you believe that shit?"

    The original meaning of grognard was an old, grumbling soldier, after all ;)