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Not the current cover, but it's ok.

Servants of Plague, a 20-page module detailing an entire castle ruins, with three new magic items, 15+ areas, 5 new diseases, and four new monsters. It's a light framework for the creative DM. In addition, it's been translated into German!

It's gotten some fairly good reviews, and it doesn't cost you anything, so why not check it out today?

Samore's Daughter, my first (and so far, only, one month module) was a module I put out on the first of September. Unfortunately for my project, not shortly thereafter my writing gig picked up significantly, so the next module never saw the light of day. Maybe sometime soon...

It's a people-based adventure that is about, essentially, a hostage situation caused by a group of rebels. It's not your typical "slash your way through everybody" sort of deal, so you might get some enjoyment out of it.


Aim For The Head  is my one-page zombie roleplaying game. It's based heavily off an old, out-of-print independent game called Dead Meat: Carnificia Dello Zombie. It's focused entirely on the situation, with juuuuust enough crunch so that you're able to adjucate situations without seeming (or feeling) arbitrary.

It's got a sample scenario included, too, called Mall of the Dead. It's one page as well- there's just something fun about writing one page designs.

ONI PUNCHER, the oriental game of pulpy violence, is another one page roleplaying system that allows you to do pretty much anything you like. It's almost freeform, while still separating player characters based on the parameters of their choosing. It's also got the most badass setting: In a mythical oriental land not quite like our own, monsters from folklore are real, and they're a serious problem. The players are ONI PUNCHERS, whose job it is to hunt down the monsters at the edge of society so we can all live a peaceful, happy life.

FOLLOW ME, MEN is a game by Jim Wallman. This is just a one-page version of the rules, and is neat if you like the system but don't really dig the layout. No offense, Jim, but your layout is very unorthodox and takes up a lot more space than is probably strictly necessary. I like your work very much, though!


Nothing here yet, but I'm working on it!

Gervan, Sorcerer

Gervan Level 3 Sorcerer Hit Points : 9 Willpower : 5 AC : 15 Attack : 1 Flaw :     Seeks power at all costs Characteristics : ...